Spectrum Progress Update #2

Spectrum Network
2 min readSep 14, 2022


We regularly publish updates on the development of Spectrum DeFi stack so that our community has a better understanding of what our team is doing right now.

We are currently finalizing the Cardano-side development of Spectrum.DEX. Our team has also begun preparations for the SPF token launch and continue the creation of Spectrum.Network.

🌐 Spectrum.Network

🔁 Spectrum.DEX

💎 Core

  • Preparing the infrastructure for Vasil Testnet;
  • Liquidity Mining contracts for the Ergo side are still in progress.

🛠 Backend

  • Implemented the app that requests data from the Ergo analytics. This data is essential for the 1 stage of the token launch! Preparing requests for the database.
  • Requests caching implemented in Ergo Explorer Backend.

🎨 Frontend

Here are things you may see in the next release (3.1.0):

  • Ergopay support for all AMM operations;
  • New font for plain text;
  • Cardano testnet UI.

Continue working on Liquidity Mining (Yield Farming) UI.

Also, we made some SEO improvements for the website.

🐞 Bugs fixed

  • Fixed a bug with Nitro in the app. Now if you change Nitro it will be taken into account in the transaction;
  • Small bugs on the website.

If you have any questions about the topics mentioned in the article or suggestions to improve the format of product updates, contact us!


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