Spectrum Finance Updates: Final Preparations for the SPF Token Launch

Spectrum Network
2 min readNov 30, 2022

Hello! Today, the updates will be a little more concise as we are preparing a lot of interesting material for you in honor of the imminent launch of the SPF token. Let’s get straight to the point.

🌐 Spectrum Network

  • MempoolSync impl. A tool to track realtime mempool updates;
  • BoxResolver impl. Allows to track state of any self-reproducible, unique on-chain entity (such as AMM pool or LM pool) (https://github.com/spectrum-finance/spectrum-offchain-ergo/pull/2);
  • OrderBacklog impl — a backlog for any type of order (AMM or LM or any other) (WIP).

🔁 Spectrum Finance

💎 Core

  • LM Contracts (Ergo) revision and improvements;
  • LM Contracts on Cardano (WIP);
  • Preparing LM Protocol (Ergo) for on-chain testing (WIP).

🪙 SPF Token

  • Airdrop v1;
  • SPF fee for off-chain operators (WIP).

🎨 Frontend

  • Yield Farming interval input;
  • Yield Farming block to ts mappers;
  • Yield Farming abstract operations;
  • SPF token page (WIP).

🐞 Bugs fixed

  • Airdrop fe v1 (fixed markup bugs).

By the way, we have published the first article about SPF token with details about the airdrop, minting and blockchain distribution.

If you haven’t seen it, read: https://spectrumlabs.medium.com/spf-token-airdrop-minting-and-blockchain-distribution-289665cfb18f

In the coming days (today or tomorrow) we will share SPF tokenomics and launch strategy.


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