Spectrum Finance Updates: Cardano Mainnet is 99% ready

Spectrum Network
2 min readMay 24, 2023


It’s time to please you with new updates of our development!

We have accomplished a significant amount of work in all areas over the past weeks. Let’s not delay any further and dive right into it 👇

🌐 Spectrum Network:

  • Fixed message encoding/decoding in sigma-aggregation;
  • Complete unit testing of the core Handel protocol;
  • Cleaned up and refactored the whitepaper;
  • Explored ways to optimize the synchronization of transaction batches;
  • Implemented core of the ledger;
  • Implemented diffusion protocol;
  • Working on implementing Spectrum VRF, which is a random number generator needed for the consensus lottery (WIP).

🔁 Spectrum Finance on Ergo:

  • Fixed last issues for v1 release.

🤖 Spectrum Finance on Cardano:

  • Added support for hot orders from mempool;
  • Preparing mainnet bots distribution.

🛠 Backend:


  • Resolved a bug related to infinite ‘pending’ orders in the transaction history;
  • Enhancing error resilience and stability for Ergo analytics, specifically the mempool section (WIP).

🎨 Frontend:


  • Introducing new transaction builders;
  • Implementing new validators for operations;
  • Numerous small user interface fixes.


  • Fixed YF stakes display for ErgoPay.

Don’t forget to check out our social networks. We don’t want to reveal everything, but it looks like it’s about to get very interesting!


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