Spectrum Finance Updates #28

Spectrum Network
2 min readMar 29, 2023

Hi everyone!

From now on, we’ll be sharing it with you every two weeks. That means we’ll have more juicy deets to give you on what we’re up to.

Here are news on recent progress from our team.

🌐 Spectrum Network:

  • Testing signature aggregation protocol (WIP);
  • Implemented a platform for quick network behaviour simulations.

🔁 Spectrum Finance on Ergo:

  • Whipping the YF bot into shape (WIP);
  • Fixing bugs as we come across them from community and stress testing (WIP);
  • Drafted a lottery protocol for a consensus group members election. We will use PoS consensus and VRFs as a source of randomness.

🤖 Spectrum Finance on Cardano:

  • Finalising stable version (WIP).

🛠 Backend

  • Final updates for new history API, YF api;
  • Final updates for SPF fee.

🎨 Frontend:

  • Fixed manual refund behavior for new operation history;
  • Fixed refund action call for new operation history;
  • Little YF text fixes;
  • Added ErgoPay supporting to YF stake/unstake operations;
  • Added platform/pool/chart analytics on Cardano side.


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