Spectrum Finance Progress Update #7

Spectrum Network
2 min readOct 19, 2022

Hello! Last week we launched our private Cardano testnet V1 and it’s time to move on to the next stage and run V2. We are very close to releasing our SPF token. Very soon you will be able to find out how many Spectrum Finance Tokens you will receive via airdrop!

On the image above you can see our visual progress on different development paths we have this week. We have also now finished our work on ErgoPay and can begin to focus on Spectrum Network.

Let’s talk about the updates in more detail:

🌐 Spectrum Network

  • Peer feature tracking added to PeerManager;
  • NetworkController behaviour for PeerManager commands implemented;
  • NetworkController <> ProtocolHandlers communication system (WIP).

🔁 Spectrum Finance

💎 Core

  • Private Cardano testnet V2 will be started today! Once complete we will launch a public testnet. As soon as it happens, we will announce on our Socials.
  • We have almost completed the SPF Airdrop API. Very soon you will be able to find out how many SPF tokens you will receive for participating in trading, liquidity providing, beta testing and so on.

🛠 Backend

  • Updated faucet to work with Vasil Hardfork;
  • Prepared pools with partner tokens for the testnet.

🎨 Frontend

  1. Added system theme and theme selector redesigned;
  2. Added pool to swap query params.

🐞 Bugs fixed

  • Fixed the user’s transaction history from the explorer side;
  • Fixed Number Input for IOS;
  • Fixed “Swap” buttons on Liquidity Page;
  • Some Design Fixes (border-radius and etc).

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