Progress Update #36: Cardano launch has been a success!

Spectrum Network
2 min readAug 16, 2023

Hello everyone, after a few VERY chaotic weeks we are back to our regular scheduling and that means the return of the developer updates so you can see what we have been working on!

It’s no secret we have had a busy few weeks. We have launched our AMM DEX on Cardano and already have 3.17m ₳ TVL! On top of that, we have saturated our first ISPO pool SPF0 and have already launched our second SPF1 stake pool. For this, we want to thank you all, it has been amazing to get the full support of the Cardano community! Below you can see what we have been working on in parallel to the launch!

🌐 Spectrum Network


  • Clock synchronization mechanism added to the whitepaper
  • VRF and KES Rust implementations are abstracted from the hash-function type
  • Implemented Cardano data bridge
  • Implemented a DSL for consensus-specific validation pipelines
  • Created tooling to manage large sigma-aggregation tests.

Work in progress

  • Adding pseudocode with block and chain validation algorithms into whitepaper
  • Succinct on-chain proofs of notarization
  • Vault API, with initial experiments on Cardano side
  • Working on consensus implementation

🔁 Spectrum Cardano DEX

🛠 Off-chain batchers

  • Add support for the v8 cardano node version
  • Add order execution process optimizations

🎨 Frontend

  • Fixed all the issues related to Eternl wallet integration
  • Fixed Order history bugs
  • Analytics metrics fixed (TVL, Volume
  • [in progress] Create pool functionality

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