Progress Update #35: Finalising The Cardano AMM Launch

Spectrum Network
2 min readJul 5, 2023

Hello all!

Another week another developer update. We are pushing hard to get the Cardano launch ready and all our work is starting to come together in preparation for launch! In parallel, Spectrum Network development is flying, the whitepaper is going to be with you all soon and then you can see the true goal of Spectrum Finance!

🌐 Spectrum Network

  • Implemented sum and prod compositions schemes for key-evolving signature mechanism which is needed to sign blocks;
  • Improved sigma-aggregation for a Byzantine case for a 2/3 threshold;
  • Authenticated persistent storage layer with AVL trees;
  • [WIP] Working on a consistent ledger model;
  • [WIP] Finalizing Spectrum Network White Paper.

🔁 dApp

💎 Core

  • Finalizing redelegation contract for LBSP event;
  • Working on a rewarding system for LBSP participants.

🛠 Backend

  • Offchain bots are being tested by several operators.

🎨 Frontend

  • A custom input selector function so that we do not rely on an input selector from each wallet;
  • A custom collateral selector function so that we do not rely on collateral selector from each wallet;
  • Improved and stress-tested transaction builders;
  • [WIP] Cardano Wallet manager;
  • [WIP] Create Pool builder.

What is Spectrum Finance?

We are building an open-source ecosystem to bring completely decentralized cross-chain interoperability to the crypto space.


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