Now we are Spectrum

Spectrum Network
2 min readAug 14, 2022

If you are reading this then maybe you have heard about the rebranding of ErgoDEX. In this note we will tell you about what motivated us to become Spectrum, how it will affect our work going forward.

ErgoDEX provided a secure open-source decentralized exchange built on the Ergo and Cardano blockchains. For more than a year we have been building this project and improving it from all sides.

Over time we realized that the ambitions of our team went beyond just a DEX, so we decided to transform our project into something more. We called it Spectrum.

Below, we will tell you what exactly has changed and will change in the future. We are sure you’ll like the changes.


We are still working on our DEX keeping the previous plans and tasks. We will definitely announce all further changes and will keep you informed of all the work we are doing. Spectrum.DEX is currently a priority development area.

Same team, same founders

The key strength of our project is the people who work on it. Rebranding became possible only through the work of the existing team and its leaders. Everything remains the same.

Moreover, in the near future we will tell you more about each of us. Everyone will share their history, hobbies and their role in the Spectrum.

Product line expansion

Spectrum opens new roads for development in various directions. During the following week we will share details about Spectrum.Finance, Spectrum.Network and the whole Spectrum roadmap. There it will be more clear in which direction our new brand wants to move.

Now we will not be confused with Ergo

An important reason for the rebranding is a direct association with Ergo and $ERG. We madly love and respect the entire Ergo ecosystem, but we are a separate and independent project. It will be right to move away from this association so as not to mislead new and current users.

And that’s not all

It is important to understand that now the Spectrum team and its users have many roads and opportunities opened to them. We have set clear goals for ourselves and will strive to achieve them. Our team is confident that Spectrum users will be pleased with the development of the project and its changes.

“…and if you’ve come this far, maybe you’d come a bit further”. (Andy Dufresne, The Shawshank Redemption)